HP Officejet Pro 8500 - Load an original in the automatic document feeder (ADF)

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Load an original in the automatic document feeder (ADF)

You can copy, scan, or fax up to legal-sized originals from the ADF.

NOTE: Some models support two-sided originals from the ADF.

CAUTION: Do not load photos in the ADF; this might cause damage to your

To load an original in the document feeder tray
Load your original, with the print side up, into the document feeder tray. Place the

pages so that the top edge of the document goes in first. Slide the media into the
automatic document feeder until you hear a beep or see a message on the display
indicating that the loaded pages were detected.

TIP: For more help on loading originals in the automatic document feeder,
refer to the diagram engraved in the document feeder tray.

2. Slide the width guides inward until they stop at the left and right edges of the media.

Load the originals


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NOTE: Remove all originals from the document feeder tray before lifting the lid on
the device.