HP Officejet Pro 8500 - To turn on accessories on Macintosh computers

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To turn on accessories on Macintosh computers

The Mac OS automatically turns on all accessories in the printer driver when you
install the device software. If you add a new accessory later, follow these steps:

Mac OS X (v.10.4)
Click the Printer Setup Utility icon in the Dock.

NOTE: If the Printer Set Utility is not in the Dock, you can find it on your
hard drive at Applications/utilities/printer setup utility.

2. On the Printer List window, click once on the device you want to set up to select it.
3. From the Printers menu, select Show info.
4. Click the Names and Location drop-down menu and select Installable Options.
5. Check the accessory that you want to turn on.
6. Click Apply Changes.

Mac OS X (v.10.5)
Open the System Preferences and then select Print & Fax.
2. Click Options & Supplies.
3. Click the Driver tab.
4. Select the options you want to install, and then click OK.

Chapter 2


Install the accessories

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