HP Officejet Pro 8500 - Send a basic fax

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Send a basic fax

You can easily send a single- or multiple-page black-and-white fax by using the device
control panel.

NOTE: If you need printed confirmation that your faxes were successfully sent,
enable fax confirmation before sending any faxes. For more information, see


fax confirmation reports


TIP: You can also send a fax manually from a phone or by using monitor dialing.
These features allow you to control the pace of your dialing. They are also useful
when you want to use a calling card to charge the call and you have to respond to
tone prompts while dialing.

To send a basic fax from the device control panel
Load your originals. For additional information, see

Load the originals


2. Enter the fax number using the keypad. Press Speed Dial to select a speed-dial

entry, or press Redial/Pause to redial the last number entered.

TIP: To add a pause in the fax number you are entering, press Redial/Pause,
or press the Symbols (*) button repeatedly, until a dash (-) appears on the

3. Press START FAX Black.

If the device detects an original loaded in the automatic document feeder, it
sends the document to the number you entered.

TIP: If the recipient reports that the fax has poor quality, you can try changing
the resolution or contrast of your fax.