HP Officejet Pro 8500 - Schedule a fax to send later

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Schedule a fax to send later

You can schedule a black-and-white fax to be sent within the next 24 hours. This
enables you to send a black-and-white fax late in the evening, when phone lines are
not as busy or phone rates are lower, for example. The device automatically sends
your fax at the specified time.
You can schedule only one fax to be sent at a time. You can continue to send faxes
normally, however, while a fax is scheduled.

NOTE: You can send only black and white faxes because of memory limitations.

To schedule a fax from the device control panel
Load your originals. For additional information, see

Load the originals


2. Press FAX, and then select Options.
3. Select Send Fax Later.
4. Enter the send time by using the numeric keypad, and then press OK. If prompted,

press 1 for AM, or 2 for PM.

5. Enter the fax number by using the keypad, press Speed Dial to select a speed

dial, or press Redial/Pause to redial the last number dialed.

6. Press START FAX Black.

The device scans all pages and the scheduled time appears on the display. The
fax is sent at the scheduled time.

To cancel a scheduled fax
Press FAX and then select Options.
2. Select Send Fax Later.

If a fax already scheduled, the Cancel prompt appears on the display.

3. Press 1 to select Yes.

NOTE: You can also cancel the scheduled fax by pressing Cancel on the
device control panel when the scheduled time is visible on the display.