HP Officejet Pro 8500 - Set the fax speed

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Set the fax speed

You can set the fax speed used to communicate between your device and other fax
machines when sending and receiving faxes. The default fax speed is Fast.
If you use one of the following, setting the fax speed to a slower speed might be

An Internet phone service

A PBX system

Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP)

An integrated services digital network (ISDN) service

If you experience problems sending and receiving faxes, you might want to try setting
the Fax Speed setting to Medium or Slow. The following table provides the available
fax speed settings.

Fax speed setting

Fax speed


v.34 (33600 baud)


v.17 (14400 baud)


v.29 (9600 baud)

To set the fax speed from the device control panel
Press (Setup).
2. Select Advanced Fax Setup, and then select Fax Speed.
3. Select an option using the arrow keys, and then press OK.

To set the fax speed via the embedded Web server
1. Embedded Web server
(network connection): Click the Settings tab, and then

click Basic Fax Setup in the left pane.

2. Make a selection in the Fax Speed drop-down menu.
3. Click the Apply button.

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