HP Officejet Pro 8500 - Configure the fax header

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Configure the fax header

The fax header prints your name and fax number on the top of every fax you send. HP
recommends that you set up the fax header by using the software that you installed
with the device. You can also set up the fax header from the device control panel, as
described here.

NOTE: In some countries/regions, the fax header information is a legal

To set or change the fax header
Press Setup.
2. Press Basic Fax Setup, and then select Fax Header.

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3. Enter your personal or company name, using the visual keyboard, and then press


4. Enter your fax number by using the numeric keypad, and then press OK.

To set or change the fax header via the embedded Web server
▲ Select the Settings tab, select Basic Fax Setup from the left pane, and then enter

the Fax Header Name and Fax Number. Click the Apply button.