HP Officejet Pro 8500 - Network Toolbox

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Network Toolbox
The Network Toolbox allows you to view and change some network settings. You can
change the IP address, turn the wireless radio on or off, perform tests, and print reports.

To open the Network Toolbox
Open the Toolbox
2. Click the Network Settings tab.
3. Click the Change Settings... button.

Network Toolbox tab
1. General
: Shows the current network connection setting of the printer
2. Wired settings: Enable the user to change the IP Settings and DNS server for a

wired connection

3. Wireless settings (only available if the printer supports wireless connection):

Enable the user to turn the wireless radio On or Off and to change the IP address
or DNS server

4. Utilities:

a. Run Network Diagnostic – to perform network troubleshooting
b. Print Wireless Network Test Report – only for printers with wireless capability
c. View Wireless Network Tutorial – only for printers with wireless capability
d. View Wireless Network FAQs – only for printers with wireless capability

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