HP Officejet Pro 8500 - Connect the device with Bluetooth on Mac OS X

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Connect the device with Bluetooth on Mac OS X
You can connect the device to a Mac that has Bluetooth built in, or you can install an
external Bluetooth adapter.

NOTE: Mac Bluetooth must be turned On in the OS. To verify, open System
, click on Network, select Network Port Configurations, and then
assure that Bluetooth is checked.

To install and print using Bluetooth for Mac OS X
Make sure that you have installed the device software on the computer.
2. Attach an HP Bluetooth Adapter to the front USB port of the device.
3. Press the Power button on the control panel to turn the device off, and press it

again to turn it on.

4. Attach an HP Bluetooth adapter to the computer and turn it on. Make sure that you

have installed the software that came with the adapter. Or, if your computer has
Bluetooth built in, just turn on your computer.

NOTE: This step is only necessary for Macintosh computers that do not have
built-in Bluetooth.

5. Open the Printer Setup Utility.
6. In the Printer List, click Add.

The computer searches for the device.

7. Assure that connection type Bluetooth is selected in the Default Browser tab.

Chapter 10


Configure and manage

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8. Select Bluetooth from the pull-down menu. Select the all-in-one and click Add.

The all-in-one is added to the device list.

9. Print as you would to any device.