HP Officejet Pro 8500 - Share the device on a locally shared network

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Share the device on a locally shared network

When you connect the device directly, you can share it with other computers using a
simple form of networking known as Printer Sharing. Use this Printer Sharing only in
small groups or when usage is low. The connected computer runs slower when many
users print to the device.
Basic requirements for sharing in the Mac OS X environment include the following

The Macintosh computers must be communicating on the network using TCP/IP,
and they must have IP addresses. (AppleTalk is not supported.)

The device that is being shared must be connected to a built-in USB port on the
host Macintosh computer.

Both the host Macintosh computer and the client Macintosh computers that are
using the shared device must have the driver or PPD for the device that is
installed. (You can run the installation program to install the device sharing
software and associated Help files.)

For more information about USB device sharing, see the support information on the
Apple Web site (


) or the Apple Macintosh Help on the computer.

NOTE: Printer Sharing is supported in Mac OS X v.10.4 and higher.

NOTE: Printer Sharing must be enabled on the host and client computers. Open
System Preferences, select Sharing, and then click Printer Sharing.

To share the device among computers running Mac OS X
Turn on printer sharing on all Macintosh computers (host and clients) that are

connected to the printer.

2. Open System Preferences, click Print & Fax, select the printer you want to share

from the list on the left, and then check Share this printer.

3. To print from the other Macintosh computers (the clients) on the network, do the

a. Click File, and then select Page Setup in the document you want to print.
b. In the drop-down menu next to Format for, select Shared Printers, and then

select your device.

c. Select the Paper Size, and then click OK.
d. In the document, click File, and then select Print.
e. From the drop-down menu next to Printer, select Shared Printers, and then

select your device.

f. Make additional settings, if necessary, and then click Print.

Configure the device (Mac OS X)